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BSB (Bank-State-Branch) Number is a six digits numerical codes used to identify an individual branch of a financial institution in Australia. BSB Number is used in Australian Paper Clearing System (APCS) and Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) payment systems. To make money transfer, the BSB Number is used together with the bank account number of the recipient.

For international inward money transfer, a SWIFT code must be used together with a BSB Number and Account Number.

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In APCS payment system, BSB and account numbers, are used to identify the account to be debited and are printed on the cheque. Mean while in BECS system, BSB and account numbers, are used when transferring funds via the Direct Entry System.

The Australian BSB Numbers consists of three parts in the format of


  • The First two digits (XX) specify the parent financial institution.
  • Third digit (Y) specifies the state where the branch is located.
  • Fourth, fifth and sixth digits (ZZZ) specify the branch location.

ANZ Bank - Page 13

The table below are the address and BSB Number for all ANZ Bank branches in Australia. Click on the BSB Number to find out the bank details, address & maps.

No Bank or Institution State Suburb or City Branch Street Address BSB Number
601 ANZ Bank QLD West End West End 113 Boundary Street 014-274
602 ANZ Bank QLD Woodford Woodford 94 Archer Street 014-740
603 ANZ Bank QLD Woolloongabba Merged Refer to BSB 014-278 08/12 014-313
604 ANZ Bank QLD Woolloongabba Woolloongabba 31 Ipswich Road 014-278
605 ANZ Bank QLD Wynnum Merged Refer to BSB 014-218 014-285
606 ANZ Bank QLD Yeppoon Yeppoon 10 Normanby Street 014-760
607 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide 121 King William 121 King William Street 015-010
608 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Adelaide Floor 6 13 Grenfell Street 015-361
609 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Adelaide Metro Zone Floor 10 13 Grenfell Street 015-110
610 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide ANZ Funds Management 9/13 Grenfell Street 015-017
611 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide ANZ Private Bank SA Level 21 11-29 Waymouth Street 015-606
612 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Bus Bank Commercial Real Estate 16/13 Grenfell Street 015-808
613 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Business Banking SA/NT Level 21 11 Waymouth Street 015-043
614 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Corporate Portfolio Managment SA Level 15 13 Grenfell Street 015-093
615 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Dexus Property Services Pty Ltd (NBFI Agency to 015-000) 015-931
616 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Esanda 13 Grenfell Street 015-103
617 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Esanda 13 Grenfell Street 015-138
618 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Esanda 13 Grenfell Street 015-196
619 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Esanda SA 2/13 Grenfell Street 015-009
620 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Gouger St 107 Gouger Street 015-025
621 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Group Credit Management 10/13 Grenfell Street 015-026
622 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Lending Services-Commercial 20/11-29 Waymouth St 015-753
623 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Lifeplan Aust Building Soc (NBFI Agency to 015-000) 015-991
624 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Markets Division 3/13 Grenfell Street 015-033
625 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Merged Refer to BSB 015-010 015-056
626 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Mortgages SA/NT ANZ City Cntl L19 11-29 Waymouth St 015-073
627 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Rundle Mall 112 Rundle Mall 015-140
628 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Taishin International Bank Co Ltd (NBFI Agency to 015-000) 015-986
629 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide TPC Ops SA 3/420 King William St 015-061
630 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Trade Operations Service 20 Waymouth Street 015-021
631 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Transaction Processing SA 3/420 King William St 015-066
632 ANZ Bank SA Adelaide Voucher Processing Srvcs SA&NT 3/420 King William St 015-005
633 ANZ Bank SA Angaston Merged Refer to BSB 015-726 015-500
634 ANZ Bank SA Balaklava Balaklava 16 George Steet 015-525
635 ANZ Bank SA Berri Berri 20 Vaughan Street 015-513
636 ANZ Bank SA Blackwood Closed Refer to BSB 015-210 - 12/07 015-134
637 ANZ Bank SA Blackwood Merged Refer to BSB 015-220 11/18 015-210
638 ANZ Bank SA Booleroo Centre Merged Refer to BSB 015-580 015-524
639 ANZ Bank SA Bordertown Merged Refer to BSB 015-595 015-530
640 ANZ Bank SA Brighton Merged Refer to BSB 015-220 08/14 015-209
641 ANZ Bank SA Campbelltown Campbelltown 606 Lower North East Road 015-211
642 ANZ Bank SA Ceduna Ceduna 27 Poynton Street 015-555
643 ANZ Bank SA Clare Clare 243 Main Street 015-552
644 ANZ Bank SA Cleve Cleve 29 Main Street 015-558
645 ANZ Bank SA Crystal Brook Merged Refer to BSB 015-693 10/14 015-562
646 ANZ Bank SA Edwardstown Edwardstown Castle Plaza Shp 1 992 South Road 015-225
647 ANZ Bank SA Elizabeth Elizabeth Sh93 50 Elizabeth Way Elizabeth S/C 015-203
648 ANZ Bank SA Firle Firle 151 Glyburn Road 015-237
649 ANZ Bank SA Fulham Gardens Merged Refer to BSB 015-214 015-135
650 ANZ Bank SA Gawler Gawler 93 Murray Street 015-560